The company was founded in the late 70’s to meet the needs and solve the problems related to the use of microprocessors in industrial control equipment.

The experience gained in all these years, with applications in many fields now allows us to operate in industrial electronics with the following services:

  • design
  • production
  • repair
  • revamping


In the early 80’s Microsistemi has expanded its field of action in the railway industry collaborating in development of the brake system of Metro Genova and later in development of the electronic valve to the brake control with the Swiss company Oerlikon. These early experiences were followed by important collaborations such

  • Redundant antiskid for ETR500 with Oerlikon
  • Electronic Driver’s Brake Valve for Loco E412 with Knorr
  • Suspension and levelling control electronic for Lille’s Tram with Ansaldo Breda